Tipsy tie dye

How do I get the best results dyeing 60% cotton 40 % polyester ? Unfortunately I bought a bunch of  these blended shirts in bulk . 

I use your Procion Mx Dye 

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Ugh oh no.  Do you know that only half the threads will dye? So this isn't a great picture because it is too blurry, but this is a 50/50 tie dyed.  The grey is black actually.  It severely affects the colors.

One dye that works on both threads that you can tie dye with is solar fast dye.  The sun dye sticks better to poly than any of our other dyes(except poly dye which must be boiled.)  

You can totally apply solarfast dye just like procion dye to get your standard designs, but its best to water it down.  You can add 100% water so 4oz to every 4oz of dye and not hurt the color.  Add dye like you normally would, but then unfold the shirt and lay it out in the sun on each size for 30 min.  You can also unfold and refold while in the sun for some crazy effects.  This is the last one I did.  It's the only dye I know of that you can use sort of normally like you would Procion, but on polyester.  Upside is that it is faster as it only takes an hour or so.  

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