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I need to dye an orangey-red dress a burgundy colour. I have a photo of what it currently looks like, and the colour I'm trying to achieve, but I'm not sure if I can include links here. In any case, the dress is 70% rayon, 25% polyester, 5% spandex. What would be the best dye product to go with and the best way to go about dyeing it? I'm not experienced with dyeing fabrics so I'm concerned about getting an even result with the rayon/poly/spandex blend. I'm hoping it's possible!

Thanks in advance! :)
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Hi Chroma,

With this fabric combo you are pretty much limited to a combo of iDye for natural fibers & iDye Poly. Here is the link to that page:
Getting a specific color, especially as you are over dyeing an existing color, may be difficult, too.
Wish I had better info to give you - hope this helps some.

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