Keverknitter Keverknitter
Hey everyone I'm new here and I had a question about dyeing a sweater i just knitted. I had gotten a bunch of yarn on a wholesale closeout deal and after a year decided to knit a sweater out of it. Half-way through the knitting decided to check the care instructions. Turns out it's hand wash only, cool water, no dry-clean. So I got the thought to dye it navy blue to help with any stain problems. The yarn itself is pure white so I don't think there will be any problems with the yarn excepting color. My real question is will the sweater shrink. I read that if you dye a cashmere sweater and rinse it in hot water it won't shrink. It said that the shrinking only happens during the temp. change during a laundry cycle. I was wondering if this worked with cashmere would it work with wool because it's not as delicate as cashmere. Does anyone have any advice, experience or suggestions on this. I would really appreciate it.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Acid dye is the preferred dye stuff for dyeing wool. However it is a hot water dye and is likely to shrink the sweather unfortunately. my understanding is that its the temperature of the water that shrinks the yarn. The higher the temp the more shrinkage.
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