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Hi I am a recent graduate in Costume with Textiles and I am currently trying to set up my own business dyeing and printing my own fabrics. I have started out using the Procion mx dyes as I am only able to print at home and have limited resources however I don't faint the results as good as those I got at uni whilst using the remazol dyes, I do know however that I had to steam all my fabrics at uni when using the remazol dyes, can you steam using a simple household steamer on the hob or are there any other ways of fixing the remazol dyes to the fabric?
Thank you,
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Victoria Victoria
Hi Natalie

Procion MX is a fiber reactive dye and does not need to be steamed to be fixed. Instead use a soda ash and water solution. Depending on the dyeing method you either soak your fabric in this solution first for 20 min. (tie dyeing) or add it to your dye bath afterwards (immersion). For complete instructions go to our website at
Congrats on your graduation and good luck with your new business !
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