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[i][size=1]Hi ~ I'm learning to felt my Angora Rabbit Wool to make fabric for scarves, hats, wristlets, etc. I want to combine dyed colors during the felting process.

I've searched your site, but found nothing about Angora.

Any experience with dyeing loose fur and not loosing it all down the drain while rinsing? (My thought: muslin in a colander.) When I must wash it, I can't stir or mush it around [u]at all[/u] or it will felt. How in the heck to dye and rinse and keep fur loose and manageable for the next phase? I don't mind if it's not all exactly the same tint.

What about a spray bottle as was used for the Amaranth Matron's cape? Seems like a great way to be conservative with the expense of dye, and have less risk of felting. Should my fiber be wet or dry to start?

In a previous post about dyeing sheep's wool, [/size][/i][size=1]anet[i] said soda ash will damage wool. What kind of damage? Will the soda ash affect rabbit wool similarly?

I can't afford a stove-top steamer at this point - could I steam it in a colander on the stove? For how long? I assume steaming comes before rinsing, or else what's the point... but being brand new to your site and only experienced with "washing machine" dying, I'm lacking detailed instructions!

The only info I can find about dyeing Angora says it takes more dye than sheep's wool for a given color. Where should I start? I can't find the part of your site that tells dye/pound of material. Will 2/3 oz dye give dark vibrant color to 1# or 5#s of rabbit wool?

Thanks for your time, and for any facts/ideas that come to mind that I don't know enough to ask about!

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