Betagainstme Betagainstme

I currently have a backseat that is pale gray and would like to dye it and
I plan on using an airbrush to dye the seats. black. I was wondering which product would be recommend for an efficient use and for the colours to permanently stay. Another issue is that I am unable to heat set the fabric, since the fabric is mounted on the backseat. I was thinking about using the Procion MX dye for the job, but I was wondering if using Jacquard's Airfix would set the dye in the clothing without the need of heat setting?
I would appreciate any suggestions regarding this matter!

Thank you very much for your help!

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JennyR JennyR
Procion MX dyes wouldn't work in this application for a variety of different reasons. First Procion MX dyes are for natural fibers only and the fabric is probably synthetic. In addition, it is done using a dyebath method of a batching method which isn't possible on a seat. Lastly, the Airfix is only for waterbased paints, not dyes.

What you might want to consider instead is experimenting with the Jacquard Airbrush Colors and adding Jacquard Airfix or Versatex Fixer to the paint before it is applied. The fabric must be untreated. If it has any coatings (such as stain fighters, waterproofing, fire retardants) then the coating will prevent fixation. You'll want to keep in mind that the paint will change the texture of the fabric.

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thethreadlady thethreadlady
I agree with Jenny R. However, you do have an option to paint it and that is to see the instructions under Textile Colors (print it out using the PDF version). There is an FAQ section and one of the questions is "What is the best way to paint fabric covered furniture?" That should answer your question. You will have to really scrub your backseat to get it absolutely clean and free of anything that has been added at the factory to make it either waterproof or any other additive they have used---and it is a given that they have used some kind of chemical on it! I dye and paint fabric all the time and use Jaquard products almost all of the time (because they are the best), so I know it can be done. I worked at a quilt shop and when the large fabric orders would come in we would all go home with headaches after working with that many new fabric bolts! Even though the fabric manufacturers no longer use formaldahyde to treat the fabric, they still use chemicals on them for lightfastness, etc. That's why I always pre-wash my fabrics! Don't forget the Airfix so you don't have to heat set it, although I don't see why you couldn't heat set with a dry iron. I heat set things on my design wall all the time with a dry iron and my wall is made of fiberboard with flannel over it. Your seats are probably stuffed with something that could take the heat. By the way, I hope you are planning to take the seat out of the car before you paint it, otherwise you risk getting paint all over everything else in your car.
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