I want to dye a currently light beige Ikea couch slipcover to olive green. It's 55% cotton and 45% polyester, much too big for the stovetop method for iDye Poly. I don't have major expectations for what shade and depth of color it comes out, I just want it to work with the colors in my room. What would be the worst case scenario if I used iDye Poly with hot water in the washing machine? (There are lots of posts online about successfully dyeing Ikea slipcovers, but no one addresses this - I think maybe the covers used to be 100% cotton?) 

Second question - When I launder the cover I wash everything (including cushion covers) in the same load. Is it safe to do the same when dyeing? Is the only danger the color being uneven because of not having enough space to agitate well? 

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