eternityispurple eternityispurple
Hi Everyone --
I bought some white crushed silk from Joanns and was hoping to dye it. After attempting a tie dye using tulip fiber reactive dye, the colors washed out almost entirely. Before I dig myself into a hole I'm wondering if anyone has had success dying pre-crushed silk? Clearly it's been chemically treated to get it the way it is; not sure if I'll have any luck!
Any advice is definitely appreciated :)
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
If you use a fiber reactive dye to dye silk, you should use acid. Did you dye it using soda ash? You probably need some heat.

Really though, the best dyes for silk are acid dyes and direct dyes. These require a higher temp.

I recommend acid the most because the colors are the best and brightest

Direct dyes are nice too

Not as washfast and not quite as bright as acid dyes

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