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Hi, I have an off-white wool fisherman's knit sweater that I would like to dye black. I need advice on what is the best product to use, and can I do do this without using hot-water and shinking my sweater? Since it is a very heavy knit, and a knee length cardigan, any idea on how many packages of product I might need? To further complicate things I have a front-loading washer so am not sure if I would get the product saturation that I would need if I used it. Thanks
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Hi lindy-k,

When dyeing wool you are going to get best result with [url=""]Acid Dyes[/url]. You are also going to have to use heat and we [i]really[/i] don't recommend using your washing machine.
Achieving beautiful results when dyeing wool with Acid Dyes is quite simple. You are going to need a metal (stainless steel or enamel) pot large enough to hold the piece and allow it to move freely in the dye bath, water, vinegar and a heat source. You'll find specific instructions [url=""]here[/url], however I do want to stress that it is important to start your sweater off in a cool dye bath and [b]slowly[/b] bring the temperature up to the recommended heat, [b]gently[/b] stir the piece during the dyeing process and then allow the piece to cool to room temperature slowly. The biggest factors in shrinkage are sudden changes in temperature and excessive agitation
hope this helps
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