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H Everyone. I would like to dye some small lace motifs to use as embellishments. I have bought pots of acid dye as it seemed from what I had read elsewhere these were best for anything that had a nylon content. I have also purchased some citric acid, which I also read should be used as a fixer and better than vinegar to stop house smelling like a fish and chip shop! !! Now my question. I will only be dyeing about 8 motifs measuring 4" x 4" and will use saucepan and stove top method. Could someone please tell me what ratios I should use in regard to water, dye, citric acid. I'm sure this is covered somewhere on this forum but as a newbie I was having trouble finding information. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Madiera,

Your best bet will be to check out our instructions:
If you have any questions after reviewing them, don't hesitate to ask!

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