Trunksickle Trunksickle
Hi everyone, I am in the UK and am wanting to dye a Red and Gold Duvet cover and pillow set to a Beige colour, if this is at all possible? I am totally new to Fabric dyeing, please can anyone help?

This is the set:

I want to Dye it to this colour:

The Duvet cover and pillows are jacquard on front with plain dye cotton poly-cotton on reverse with satin piping. The label also advises: Jacquard - 50% Rayon 50% Polyester Reverse: Plain Dye 50/50 Poly-cotton.

I assume its only possible to dye the gold to Beige? if anyone can advise the colour to go for and what colour is it likely to turn the red material?

Many thanks in advance.


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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yes this is difficult because of the red. I think the gold would likely dye with polyester dye. I think it is printed. You could use 1/8 strength(cut idye poly packet corner off), and then dye the cotton portion with brown as well. getting the gold and red portions would be almost impossible unless you dyed it extra dark. Maybe you could get the whole thing dark brown for instance.
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