Original Post Date: October 15, 2018
User: djb

I have a brand new 100% silk Diane von Furstenberg formal dress, slightly pleated in front bodice with 95% silk 5% lycra lining that I need to dye burgundy/wine for my son's wedding. Any tricks or suggestions?

(Actually, the tag says it's charcoal, but appears greyish)
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I asked about dying a brand new Diane von Furstenberg silk dress, from charcoal to burgundy wine a couple weeks back & have not heard about nor seen it since. Any help or advice?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
HI Sorry, we are revamping our forum and I overlooked your post somehow.  How grey is this dress?  If you dye it burgundy will it be too blacked out, or will it be appropriately dark for what you want?  Every color in a dyeing process is visible, so this grey will affect the final color.  You want to use an acid dye on the stove in a big pot. We have a burgundy in that line that is deep red-purplish wine color.  Check the color we have on the website to see if it is trhe one you want.  many people can't agree what burgundy looks like. 

IF you need to get the grey out first, that is another process we can discuss.  Here are acid dye instructions.  IF you need any clarification on those please let me know.  Best advice is add the acid after the dress has been already for 10 min or so, and stir every couple of minutes to get an even color.  The silk and spandex will both dye with the acid dye, so no issue there.  


IF I can dig up a sample of burgundy and Crimson I will post a photo.  
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