I just purchased the Indigo Tye Dye Kit and am excited to try it! I just wanted to clarify the instructions first.

Step 9 in the instruction manual says when you've finished your dyeing session, re-stir the vat, "place lid back onto vat and let settle for at least an hour before using the vat again."

My question is: What is the limit for how many pieces can be dyed in a single session?

I plan to dye eight 20"x20" squares of cotton. Do I need to re-stir and let the vat settle for an hour after each piece? Or, can I do the 8 pieces in quick succession, one after the next? Or, a third option - since the 20"x20" squares will be small once they're bound, can I have more than one in the vat at one time?

Thank you!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

The letting it settle is just to make sure that the undissolved dye stays on the bottom instead of staining your fabric with little flecks.  You do not need to stir after each item you dye.  That actually introduces too much oxygen in your bath.  It's totally unnecessary, but would help if you had left it a couple of days. 

So, the answer is dye all the fabric you have and the kit is more than enough indigo for that much fabric.  You can do a lot of material. 

I did at my daughters baby shower and we dyed 25 blankets and onesies.  I have personally dyed 30 child sized tshirts with one kit along with 30 handkerchiefs a pair of jeans and a jean jacket.  That is the only time I ever exhausted the bath and was able to use up all the dye.   
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