I have bought Jacquard's iPoly and iDye in the desired shades of Kelly Green and Green. I want to dye these tights (Nylon 86% and Spandex 14%) using the stove top method...can anyone tell me if I actually need both types of dye even though both of my fabrics are synthetics? For blends they recommend both types together but my blended fabrics are both synthetics, no natural fabrics involved. Thanks!
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pburch pburch
You'll do better to save those dyes for another project. Nylon/spandex blends are best dyed with [URL=][U]acid dyes[/U][/URL]. [URL=][U]Disperse dyes[/U][/URL] such as iDye Poly will work on nylon, but they will be less wash-resistant afterwards than acid dyes, and the high heat required to apply the iDye Poly will damage the spandex.

Acid dyes require heat, too, but they will work at lower temperatures than disperse dyes will, and they also dye spandex itself (not that you generally need to worry about dyeing the spandex portion of a fiber blend). See my pages on [URL=][U]How to Dye Spandex[/U][/URL] (scroll down to the section on nylon/spandex blends) and [URL=][U]How to Dye Nylon[/U][/URL].

Alternatively, you could use a [URL=][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL] such as Dye-Na-Flow for a pigment-dyed effect.

The regular iDye, that's not iDye Poly, will not work at all well on nylon OR spandex. It's a type of [URL=][U]direct dye[/U][/URL] and therefore works only on natural fibers, such as cotton.

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