I'm using iDye Poly to dye Plexiglas and it works great but makes the Plexi sticky. When I take it out of the dye and rinse it my gloves leave an imprint on it and it remains sticky. Does anyone know why this would happen? Has anyone ever used iDye Poly to dye Plexiglas before?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Interesting.  I suggest reducing the amount of the dye you are using.  

You don't need much because you are just coating the surface instead of dyeing something porous like a fabric.  For fabric you would use 4-6% by weight.  I bet you need 1% or less.  We see this when people are dyeing 3d printed parts.  They use too much dye and the dye rubs off at the end.  I would take you concentration way down and see if that helps. 

We also saw here on the forum that black seems to have some residue in it.  Are you having any particular issue with black?
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