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I have some polyester fringe (that is to form part of a banner and so will not be washed after construction) that I wish to dye silver grey. There is no suitable colour in the idye poly - can you advise the best solution?

Dominique :confused:
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pburch pburch
For a metallic silver, use Lumiere fabric paint. Jacquard says it works on polyester, and [URL=][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL] is the only way to get a real metallic. (Foiling is another way to produce a metallic effect on fabric, but that won't work well on fringe.)

For a non-metallic gray you have three choices:[list=1]
[*]figure out how to use the existing colors of iDye Poly to make gray, using trial and error (a very small amount of the black might work, or it might make a different color which must be corrected to neutral by adding its opposite)

[*]buy another brand of [URL=][U]disperse dye[/U][/URL] from another source (Aljo sells a 'pearl grey')

[*]simply choose a gray color of a thin fabric paint such as Dye-Na-Flow.
[/list]The latter would be by far the easiest to do, since it removes the requirement for boiling the polyester with the dye.

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medona medona
The machine is used for dyeing polyester yarn,cotton yarn,chemical fibers and zipper tape in cone or hank yarn and used of boiling,bleach,washing. The machine compact in construction and small in space, is package dyeing machine with a vertical cylinder.

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