I want to dye my wedding dress a pastel colour. I am not really decided which colour yet so I thought I might choose based on complexity of attaining good results. What pastel colour would be easiest to achieve? 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The hardest thing here is usually getting a pot big enough to boil your dress in.  Keep that in mind.  You need a pot where the dress can turn over easily in the water.  

2nd even though you want a light color, you still need to boil the water.  The reason is that if you don't, it might be possible to achieve a light color, but if the water isn't boiling, your chances of getting stray marks from undissolved dye go up exponentially.  The marks are extremely hard to remove.  Polyester dye is not forgiving and very hard to get out.  

Last, you really want to use a pure color for a pastel shade.  Using mixed colors can get tricky because mixed colors are not always true in pastel shades.  Meaning black and brown may not look grey and tan at lower concentrations.  In fact the brown is quite yellow at low concentration.  

I would recommend yellow, Turquoise, pink,  lilac or violet.  A 1/2 or 1% dye is what you want for pastel shades.   That means 1/4 of a pack for very light shades and 1/2 for a bit brighter.  I would still use the dye intensifier in the pack though because it brightens the dye up and keeps the color from being dull.  Dye at boiling for 20min-1/2 an hour.  (don't cut the pack, dissolve the whole thing in hot water and use 1/4 or 1/2 of that liquid. 

You are better erring on the side of too little than too much.  Too little can be put back in with a little more dye.  Lightening the color is a nightmare and you need professional/toxic chemicals to do it.  

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