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alright guys im very new to dyeing. I have a pair of wrestling shoes that i want to dye a specific part of. The part is nylon mesh so i figured i would use an acid dye? But im not sure how to preserve the rest of the shoe from being dyed mabye a seal or somehting? Also i think you have to use boiling water for acid dyes which would probably melt the rest of my shoe.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks Parker-
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pburch pburch
Instead of using dye, I think you should use a fabric paint, instead of a true dye. Shoes often contain heat-sensitive glues; the only shoes I recommend dyeing are the cotton ones, like Keds.

Check to see if the material is water-resistant. If water soaks into the shoe, then a good fabric paint will work, but if it beads up and refuses to soak in, it won't.

If the part whose color you want to change is white, you can use a transparent fabric paint like Dye-Na-Flow, but if it is darker already than the color you want, then only an opaque fabric paint will work, such as Neopaque.


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