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I'm new to the forum and totally new to dyeing, except for using Body Art Henna on my graying hair. I am interested in finding out how to dye rayon cord. I have searched the internet and all I find is info about rayon fabric, I guess I am assuming that the cord should be handled differently. I have been reading books on dyeing yarn and not sure that the rayon cord can be handled in the same manner. My concern is having to wash the cord before dyeing. I have read that rayon fabric has poor wet strength, so how do I wash the cord without compromising the fiber and causing damage? I am using the rayon for jewelry pieces and want to dye my own colors. I have ordered Jacquard's fiber reactive dye, soda ash, Urea, and the Synthrapol.

Thanks for any help.
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good morning!

The dyers mantra - testing, testing, testing. Which is the short way to say you may get away with not prewashing, but it is a very good idea to make a test run first.
You've got yourself all set up with the [url=""]Procion MX,[/url] etc. There are a couple of different ways you could do your dyeing - treat it like you would fiber for [url=""]tie dyeing[/url] with the presoak and batch time or just a full or low water[url=""] immersion method.[/url]
The one thing that comes to mind is a concern about a special treatment on the rayon cord. If there happens to be a heavy sizing or something of that ilk it could interfer with the uptake and fixing of the dye.
If this doesn't cover all your questions just let us know!
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Thanks so much for the guidance. I think my biggest concern is that I can't wash the rayon cord in the machine and I'm concerned that if there is any sizing, oil, dirt... on it that it won't be removed very well by hand washing or soaking. I've wondered if I made a mesh bag and put the rayon in it if I could wash it on a gentle cycle without damaging the cord. I've also just started reading about Tencel Yarn and I am wondering if that would be a good choice for dyeing and doing Kumihimo braiding.

Thanks again, I'm gonna float around the forum.
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