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I'm new to the forum and totally new to dyeing, except for using Body Art Henna on my graying hair. I am interested in finding out how to dye rayon cord. I have searched the internet and all I find is info about rayon fabric, I guess I am assuming that the cord should be handled differently. I have been reading books on dyeing yarn and not sure that the rayon cord can be handled in the same manner. My concern is having to wash the cord before dyeing. I have read that rayon fabric has poor wet strength, so how do I wash the cord without compromising the fiber and causing damage? I am using the rayon for jewelry pieces and want to dye my own colors. I have ordered Jacquard's fiber reactive dye, soda ash, Urea, and the Synthrapol. I think I posted this in the wrong area so I thought I'd put it here to see if anyone has ever dyed rayon cord.

Thanks for any help.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You may not need to wash the cord before dyeing it. do a small sample first to determin that... however you will need to get the cord wet to dye it so handle it with care.

First soak the cord in soda ash solution and then apply the dye. This is the same instruction for tie-dyeing as is found in our Procion MX instructions see the link below.


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