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I am dyeing SLS-Parts made from PA12/Nylon12. And I have a few questions. My Results are right now that dyeing the Parts with IDye Poly is pretty easy. I am mainly trying to get black to work. You need pretty much no powder at all and it still works very decent already after 10-15 minutes. But I tried dyeing the parts with your Acid Dyes and I get mixed results. The parts have most of the time a brown/bronce tint. But I read in this forum that you should try to use the jet black at PH4 instead of PH2 but that didnt work for me. So are there any other Ideas on how to make the color work more consistently, because sometimes I get a good black from them and in general I understood it that way that acid dyes are more persistent than Disperse dyes. I heared you can try dyeing at higher temperatures like 130, but I dont have the equipment for that.

And my other questions is: Is there any more information on the specification of your dyes. I dont want to recreate it ofc I just want to know more the general info like if all the dyes are azo dyes for example. Because the data sheet has very limited information on that.


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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
First we don't use any azo dyes anymore.

Jet Black acid dye is a metal complex dye which is like our super fast wool dyes. It basically has 2 dye units per molecule than 1 like the acid dyes. This is similar to the old Lanaset dyes.

I have also been dyeing SLS parts to some extent. I also cannot seem to get a deep black for it. I too have tried the pg changes, and it make a difference, but not as much as I want. You might try an even higher pH at 5 for instance. I know for sure Jet Black gets more brown as pH decreases.

I think Idye poly black is still the best black I have seen for sls parts.

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