lynn lynn
Today I dyed the Tencel that has been sitting there waiting patiently for months. I used the Jacquard Acid dyes..very concentrated..and steamed it like I do silk. The colors ran a bit when rinsed in cool water when cooled. Results were pastel versions of the colors I used..spruce..teal and lilac. I am sure there is a better way to dye Tencel with the acid dyes..but I am pleased with the results I got. Love pastels!!

What should/could I have done differently to keep the darker shades??
Help please.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Tencel is made primarily from wood pulp so I would suggest using [url=""]Procion MX[/url] dyes rather than acid. [url=""]Acid Dyes[/url] are really only effective on protein fibers such as wool, silk and feathers. Whilst MX is a good all round cold water dye that is particularly effective on cellulous based fibers such as tencel, rayon cotton and linen.

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