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I wanted to share this email I got, because washers in general are getting worse for dyeing while they get better for the environment.  Less water, and less time means lighter colors due to the smaller amount of water is doesn't stay hot as long, and the shorter time changes it too.  This person found out that if you had any water in the machine to begin with, the machine would immediately flush it. So watch out for this.

Hi Everyone,
I'm a longtime Procion MX user - thank you so much for your work bringing this product to market. I wanted to give you some feedback that i hope will help you revise your Washing Machine dyeing instructions.

I just discovered that with a recent "intelligent" GE front-loading washer, the wash basin senses the presence of liquid and all liquid gets PUMPED OUT OF THE MACHINE PRIOR TO THE CYCLE STARTING, sending all your carefully dissolved soda ash, salt, and dye straight down the drain before the barrel turns even once.

Just now, i carefully dissolved an entire 5lb box of kosher salt, 3 cups of soda ash and 4 containers of blue dye into my machine, put in the clothes and started the cycle, and the machine pumped the entire dye bath down the drain and out of the machine prior to starting the cycle. Complete waste of materials, except for some random corners of fabric that soaked up some liquid from the bottom of the barrel. I was beyond stunned at the stupidity of the "smart" machine!

I think with washers like this, basically a home dyer needs to pour dissolved salt, soda ash and dye in through the detergent tray with a big, big funnel after the cycle has started. It seems like a crazy workflow but i think it's the only way to defeat the drain sensor on the machine.

Maybe this will help some other people and help protect our environment too. I think more and more machines are being built this way.
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