I was wondering if dye-na-flow could be use as an effective alternative to fabric dyeing. I'm trying to dye a short pile faux fur (100% polyester velboa) and i want to get a specific darkish green color( and I'm finding it a bit daunting to use fabric dye to achieve that.
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I have not done this myself, but others have done it successfully.  I do believe they have usually sprayed it on in order to avoid the fur clumping together. 


It is necessary to use airfix with this.  Airfix heat sets the paint with no heat in 3 days to improve durability.


¼ teaspoon per 2 oz for airfix.  

The other way to color polyester fur is to use Idye poly.  It can deform it potentially if it is fragile, so be careful and I would not boil more than 20 min.  Polyester can also be painted with polyester dye by dissolving the poly dye in a mix of 30% water and 70% acetone.  


I know this fur is poly, but if you do this kind of thing a lot and run into acrylic fur, we have the perfect colorant for it.  Basic dye.  It can be put in a pot with just hot water from the tap and dyed super bright color.  It can also be hand painted if dissolved in alcohol. I wish it worked on poly, our poly dye must be boiled.   


They are awesome on fake fur


Check out this faux fur coat I dyed with it

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