rainywintergirl rainywintergirl
I have been painting with dye-na-flow. I have gotten some spots on cotton and silk. What is the best way to remove them before I heat set? Has anyone used the airfix? I would like to avoid the heat setting if possible. Why is the first thing I found in the forum pages a porno? Thank you. Vicki
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pburch pburch
With any [URL=http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/fabricpaints.shtml][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL], the best way to remove a mistake is to do it [I][B]as soon as possible[/B][/I]. Use water. If you let it sit overnight, it will probably become at least partly permanent, even without heat setting.

(The spam posting problem here has gotten bad. I could not let a child have access to this forum as a result. Unfortunately, it is necessary to either set the forum so that each account must be approved individually (that's what I do at the [URL=http://www.pburch.net/drupal/][U]Dye Forum[/U][/URL] on my site, requiring all applicants to send personal messages to prove they are not spambots) or to use a [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha][U]captcha[/U][/URL]. Otherwise the spambots register for new accounts and post nasty spam in seconds. Keeping spam posts cleaned up after the fact is impossible to do adequately these days.)

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi All,

In response to Vicki's concerns about the spam she encountered here at our site: we are aware that spam attacks have increased quite a bit over the past few months and while we work hard to remove the trash as quickly as we can some garbage gets past us.
Because, we've had more and more trouble with this issue we are in the process of updating our Forum to a program that will allow for more 'front end' winnowing of posters. We will be installing a captcha. In the time being please know that we are paying attention.

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