ladydorian ladydorian
I recently painted a canvas purse with Dye-Na-Flow. Because the front of the bag is partially made of PVC plastic, I was only able to iron the handles. For the rest of the bag, I added Airfix, about 10 drops per 2.25oz jar. After drying and curing for 3 days, I noticed that some of the dye is coming off when I rub a tissue or piece of cloth against it. What's rubbing off isn't an excessive amount, but I'm still concerned it may stain light clothing. Is there there something I can do to avoid this, like using a hair dryer (I do not have a heat gun)? Should I have used more Airfix?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
That stinks. Usually airfix works like a charm. I wonder if the canvas was waterproofed. Hmmm.

My best suggestion is to put a layer of "fabric varnish". I do this a lot to make sure my airbrush paintings are extra super tough for washing. The idea is to take a neutral paint or extender, and cover the paint job you did so it is protected while not changing the color. The extender will still feel soft and you can see through it, but it will protect the paint job. It also helps if you need to spot clean the bag in the future.

The best choice is probably the #100 textile extender. You could also use #579 neopaque extender. #150 airbrush extender works too. They will all put a clear coat over the color locking it in.

I am honestly surprised the airfix alone didn't do it, but this would be the best way to protect the color and will make it a little more waterproof too.
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