All4kidz All4kidz
We are new to dye-na-flow and have bought the "exciter kit." The label states it is concentrated. Do I dilute it to use it? If so, what proportion do I dilute the colors? If I do not dilute the colors, is there enough to complete a shirt project? We are painting a white sweatshirt (wetting the fabric first for an air-brushed effect and blend of 3 colors). Thanks!
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Noelle Noelle
Hi there!

You can dilute [url=""]Dye-Na-Flow [/url]up to 25% with water if you like, but that will soften the colors somewhat. Whether or not you will have enough paint to complete your project is hard for me to say. If you are planning on covering the whole shirt with color, as in a faux tie-dye effect, I would say you might not have quite enough. Diluting the paint will extend the coverage. You should have enough paint to create a fairly large image using un-diluted colors.

Hope that helps.

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You can use the DNF right from the jar or dilute it.

I am not sure if you'll have enough to paint an entire shirt with just the contents of an exciter pack as that depends on how concentrated you apply the DNF.

You can dilute up to 70% with water perhaps even more before you compromise the polymer's ability to adhere the pigment to the fabric.

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