CDH906 CDH906
I'd like to dye this ottoman cover (it zips off) a much brighter fuchsia pink/red. It's 50% cotton/50% polyester according to Ikea. I was thinking 1 packet of iDye Pink, 1 packet of iDye Crimson, do you think this will work? The color currently is the light baby pink.

I'd like to get close to the fuchsia color of this ottoman:

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I would try basically what you are suggesting. The 50% poly will not dye unless you use Idye poly, but you may not need it. You can dye the 50% cotton that color and get very close. I think your idea of 1 pink one crimson will probably work, although the crimson might be too yellow. You might try just 2 packets of pink. It is a more purple pink than baby pink, so I think you would get pretty close with just 2 packs of regular idye pink.
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