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Hello. I need some assitance and I have several quesetions in hopes of saving me countless hours of trial and error (which I already have endured).lol

I am trying to make summer skirts for my 8 year old daughter that have a batik feel to them. I have found that using a wheat paste gives me the details I am looking for than traditional soy wax. My problems are....I want to use the Procion MX dye because I understand it has the most vibrant colors and I beleive it to leave that fabric softer than paints BUT I only want to mix about a cups worth of dye at a time. So, what is the best mix to get the best results? Do I add the soda ash into the dye mix and apply together on dry fabric or do I apply a soda ash/water mix first, let that dry then apply the dye? What would be the mixture measurements for such a small amount of dye to produce the best results? (sorry, I am HORRIBLE at math conversions).

Also, since the design is going to be done in wheat paste I don't want to saturate the fabric and was wondering when I do the rinse should I set the dye with a warm iron before the rinse? How much bleeding typically would spill over to the design I would like to come from the "batik"?

ANY help is GREATLY appreciated! I am a single mom of 4 with a crazy busy schedule and little money so I am trying to find time and money saving techniques for this project.

Thanks again and have a great day!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
If the fabric is 100% cotton presoak it with soda ash then paint it. Wrap the damp painted garment in plastic and leave it to cure. These are the same instruction given for tyedying. You could also thicken the dye to give you more control over the color. As for mixing instructions that will depend on the color you use and the intensity required. Start weak and add small amounts gradually to your paint until you achieve the color concentration you want. Here is a link to the instructions page you should follow the silkscreening and hand painting or tyedye instructions.
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