sophie webster sophie webster
I'm hoping to first remove the current colour of a pale turquoise/ duck-egg blue (or at least lighten it a few shades) and dye the dress a vibrant red colour, like the dress lydia deetz wears in Beetlejuice for her wedding, link attached at the bottom) . I've never dyed anything before, perhaps this was a little ambitious but oh well. What would be the best method of firstly removing the current dye and then dying the dress red?

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pburch pburch
Don't use bleach, because it will pretty much dissolve the nylon. Use a color remover such as Rit Color Remover, Carbona Color Run Remover, or thiourea dioxide (George Weil in the UK sells this under the brand name Spectralite). You will need a non-reactive cooking pot, either stainless steel or enamel, to heat the dress in with the color remover.

When you're ready to dye, the best dye to use on nylon is acid dye; you'll need the non-reactive cooking pot again for this step. Make sure it's large enough for the dress to move in freely as you stir it in the dyebath. Carefully follow the recipe for the acid dye you buy. George Weil is a good UK source for Jacquard dyes, and there are other sources there as well.

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