littlecatherine littlecatherine

I would like to dye two woolen skirts black, one is light gray and one is red. They both fit me perfectly but are quite snug around the waist.

I have bought iDye for natural fibers, but after searching on the internet I am worried I could shrink them.

Will I prevent shrinking if I dye them on the stove top but do not agitate them?

Are there any super safe methods?

Thanks a lot,

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JennyR JennyR
The better product for wool would be our Jacquard Acid Dyes. However, they are hot water dyes and need 180-195 degrees F for best results. Shrinkage and felting are always a concern when dyeing wool, which is why dyeing the wool fiber, before its made into a garment, is the best way to go.

If the skirts are snug now, we'd recommend that you avoid dyeing them since, even if you are careful (raising/lowering temp slowly), shrinkage is likely to occur.

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