Jean Anne Clyde Jean Anne Clyde
I have purchase iDye turquoise to dye 2 bamboo tops. I have 2 problems:

1) What do we do about the fact that this dye requires HOT water, and the manufacturers recommend COLD when washing?

2) What do I add to complete the dye? No mention is made of bamboo, though. The fabric I am trying to dye is 95% bamboo, and 5% spandex. Help?

Many thanks!
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Given the manufacturers recommendation of cold water you may want to reconsider the type of dye you are using.
Bamboo will dye well with [url=""]Procion MX[/url] dye which is a 'cold water fiber reactive' dye. While the [url=""]Procion MX[/url] works best at temperatures of about 95 - 105 degrees Fahrenheit you could get away with cooler temperatures of about 80 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you choose to go forward with the iDye you would use salt as the additive (salt for all cellulose fibers, vinegar for protein fibers). And, while we recommend heat you may want to try dyeing at a lower temperature (80 - 95 degrees Farhenheit) keeping in mind that the color will not achieve as deep a shade as it would if you were dyeing at higher temperatures. If you do choose to go forward with the lower temperature and the iDye I would recommend pre-dissolving both the dye and the salt in hot water before adding it to the dye bath.
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