Ina Ina

I want to dye the polyester curtains of our living room. They hang from roof to soil, so they are huge. I want to use iDye Poly but this requires the stove-top method. Is there no possibility of having them dyed in my washing machine?
Thanks for your advice!
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Asher Asher
Unfortunately, your washing machine will never get hot enough to give you good, even color on your polyester curtains. iDye Poly needs to be used at a rolling boil for best results. For even dyeing, you are going to have to find a GIANT metal pot to dye in... A lot of folks use a propane burner as a heat source when dyeing yardage like this... Alternatively, you could risk it in your washer, but your results will probably be blotchy, and your color not very intense. If you are set on trying this, I'd recommend turning up the heat on your water heater and maybe even pouring some boiling water into the maching prior to dyeing... I hope this helps. Good luck!
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