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HI to all.. first time here... last light I attempted to dye one of my favorates pants, an alfani black pant of 60% Polyester and 40& Rayon.. I use the IdyePoly Black.. I follow the instructions carefully... did one mistake thouhg.. I though Rayon was a synthetic Fiber, so I not add the one cup of salt

Today I went, wash the pants.. and to my sad surprise the look faded.. more faded that before... Since I have about 3 of this pants, I compare them.. and the one I dyed look faded and worn out...

I stirred continously for 2.5 hours on boiling water.

The curious thing is that I also put in the last hour a jean of a blend of cotton and expanded... that one came darker.

SUmming all, what I did wrong to get this poor results... I am sad the pants look worst than before... Was the salt that important? Should I have use two packages instead of one?

Any coments will be great appreciated
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You needed to use Idye and Idye poly together as rayon is similar to cotton.

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