lprows lprows
I purchased online what I thought was sage green silk charmeuse but it is more like celery green. I'm making my dress for my daughters wedding so the color is important. What color would you suggest to use to get to sage green and the process?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Sage green is really subdued while celery is super bright. Does the color just need to be dulled? In that case you want to dull the color down by using the complementary color. You get a deeper, more subdued color buy mixing a red with green. You are just toning the color, not a full dye job. that means using 1/10 or so the amount of normal dye you would use. You would take cherry red acid dye or true red Idye and add 1/4 of a teaspoon to the dye bath. First of course try it on a scrap of the fabric to make sure that it will tone it correctly. It is hard for me to tell you exact amounts without having the fabric in person.

If the green is nowhere near the actual color green you want, you can overdye with another green, but that is going to make the silk darker. Spruce acid dye would be a good option in this case. I think it would tone it down some and give you a richer more sage green look.
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dnhbond dnhbond
Navy tones greens nicely and stops them from going olive. You could put a really light bath of navy and see if it starts to shift the color to a more blueish green.
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