sheila.i.thompson sheila.i.thompson
Have just bought 1 pkt (14 gms) iDye Poly green to dye a short linen skirt. Is this dye appropriate for that usage? Came away thinking it might come out shades of green, but I want a solid green colour. HELP! Also confused as thought that I could do it in the washing machine but seems I have to boil it! SIT
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pburch pburch
Real linen should not be dyed with iDye Poly, which is a type of [URL=][U]disperse dye[/U][/URL]. It makes no sense. Why are you using a dye specifically designed for synthetic fibers, when you're dyeing a natural fiber? Linen is a plant fiber, produced by flax plants.

Linen should be dyed just like [URL=][U]cotton[/U][/URL]. For best results, use only [URL=][U]fiber reactive dyes[/U][/URL], such as Procion MX dyes. Fiber reactive dyes last years longer, on plant fibers such as linen, than other types of dyes, plus they are much easier to use, since you can set the dye with [URL=][U]soda ash or washing soda[/U][/URL], instead of by heating the water.

You can dye linen with plain iDye, which is a [URL=][U]direct dye[/U][/URL], a different type of dye than iDye Poly, but the results will not be nearly as long-lasting as the results of Procion MX dye. However, you cannot dye linen at all with iDye Poly, which is intended for use only on polyester and other synthetic fibers.

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