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Hi there,

I have curtains that are too bright- (yellow) and I am going to try to use the color remover to make them a softer yellow.

Will this work on the fabric blend of 50% Linen 30% Poly 20% Rayon?

I also want to try to dye the fabric another color after using the color remover.

Also, what kind of container is best to use with the dye? I have a galvanized steel bucket- would that work?

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

It is not the fabric type but the dye type that is most likely to affect the results of the color remover. Do a test first. I would also recomend using our new idyes that have corresponding colors for polyester fibers. You would need two dyes the standard packet for the rayon and the polyester dye. [url]http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dyes/idye/[/url]

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