Lynn1003 Lynn1003
I want to dye some tan mohair. The look that I am going for is to keep the backing tan, which is a cotton woven material, and I want to dye the mohair a red color. I was told if I use an acid dye the mohair will take the red color but the cotton backing will not because it is a plant product and the mohair is an animal product.

I'm wondering if I should process it for the same amount of time as normal dying or should I shorten the time as I don't want the backing to turn colors.

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
You need to do a test I am afraid. The backing could take some of the color.
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pburch pburch
We were discussing reserve dyeing (dyeing fiber blends so that the fiber types in the blend end up two different colors) on the Dye Forum on my site in December 2006 (see [URL=][U]this link[/U][/URL]). Three of the acid dyes mentioned there as being likely to be particularly good for dyeing silk or wool without staining cellulose fibers turn out to be Colour Index acid yellow 19, acid red 266, and acid red 52. These three dyes are sold by Jacquard as 602 Bright Yellow, 617 Cherry Red, and 620 Hot Fuchsia. You might do better in your tests with these dyes than with some other dyes sold in the same line.

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