fiona fiona
I splashed some small droplets of bleach onto my new beige nylon carpet. Can I use iDye Poly to dye it? Obviously I can't put my carpet on the stove!
Also, if I use the Brown iDye Poly, is there any way I can make it lighter to match the beige carpet? Thanks!
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pburch pburch
You can't use iDye Poly to dye a carpet, because iDye Poly has to be boiled. You probably can't even put your carpet in the washing machine.

Nylon is better dyed with [URL=][U]acid dye[/U][/URL], rather than disperse dye, but that's not much of an answer, either, because acid dye also requires heat, although slightly lower heat (185°F rather than 212°F), and, like all dyes, extensive rinsing afterwards.

The best answer is probably to use a fabric marker that matches the color well, and then hold on to the fabric marker for periodic touch-ups as it wears off. See my page on [URL=][U]How to fix bleach spots[/U][/URL].

It is possible to use other forms of [URL=][U]disperse dyes[/U][/URL] on polyester or nylon by heat transfer, using disperse dye fabric crayons or paint that you make from disperse dyes, applying it to paper, and then ironing it on. However, chances are awfully good that you won't quite match the original color of the carpet. You'd have to get some similar nylon carpet, the same color as the bleach spots, to test on until you get the color right, before you try applying it to your bleach-spotted carpet. See my page, [URL=][U]Iron-on Fabric Crayons for Synthetic Fibers[/U][/URL].

Be sure to immediately rinse out and neutralize the bleach spots, before you ever try to color them. The bleach is continuing to damage the fiber, until you do so, and may end up leaving holes where you now see bleach spots. See "[URL=][U]How can I neutralize the damaging effects of chlorine bleach?[/U][/URL]".

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