kater1279 kater1279
Hi! I'm trying to dye a dress that is a mix of spandex and nylon. will the iDye poly work on that?

I'm looking to go dark, maybe a voilet or black- it's currently a muslin color.

Any suggestions would be welcome!!!
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JennyR JennyR
Paula Burch actually commented on a similar question yesterday, so I'm reposting a portion of her response:

"I would not advise trying to dye the spandex in the shirt. Spandex is best dyed before it is extruded into fibers. It should not be dyed with iDye Poly or Aljo Disperse dye, if you want the garment to remain otherwise unchanged, but in theory it can be dyed with some acid dyes, particularly premetallized acid dyes. You may as well try your gunmetal acid dye, and tell us how it worked! However, heat really is bad for spandex and can cause the shape of the garment to be distorted. It's almost invariably better to accept the look of the undyed spandex in a spandex fiber blend, dyeing only the other fibers in the blend (assuming they're not polyester)."

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