EmmaJ EmmaJ
Hi everyone,

I have an old golden yellow sheepskin jacket (it weights about 2kg/4lb) with the furry bit on the outside. I want to dye it burgundy - was thinking either acid611 vermilion or acid610 Burgundy.

Any ideas about how I would go about this? It's too big to go on the hob i think and I'm not convinced that the sheepskin would survive the machine and if I did put it in the machine, i'd need to put it on a wool cycle and would that work with the dye? Would it come out orange? If I used extra dye would that make it more likely to come out burgundy?

I've looked around online, but i'm just getting confused.

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks,
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The problem here is that you want a cool red color, but you have a very warm yellow as your base. That is going to orange out your red no matter what you do. So it will be very tough to get the skin and the wool to be the same color. You can get the white wool burgundy, but the skin will always have that yellow undertone. I would go for something more like scarlet which is a warmer red. Crimson could work too.

You would need to get the water hot and I do see how that would be problematic and it could cuase issues with the leather. Generally when someone has a couch or other fabric item like a jacket that are difficult to dye, I suggest Dye-na-flow. It goes on smooth, has nice coverage and can definitely work on both the wool and the skin portion of the jacket. The wool is going to take a lot of it though, so I would consider painting it on the skin portion first and see how you like it, then go for the wool part if you need to.

Colors that would work on that Yellow skin would be Bright orange, Scarlet, Brilliant Red, Bright green, Teal, Black, any of the blues will work, but they will get more green.
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EmmaJ EmmaJ
Thanks for the info - I'll look into the Dye-na-flow.

I need a cooler colour because I'm a summer. If I went for a brighter red, might I be able to dye something a bit more burgundy over the top? The outside of the coat is just fur and I'll get it lined eventually so no need to worry about the skin at all.
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