babr babr
Would dynaflo with air resist work to dye an olefin (polypropylene) area rug? Rug is not in high traffic area. Would rug remain soft?
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pburch pburch
I predict that your fabric paint will wear off of the rug almost instantly. The problem is that polypropylene (olefin) is a particularly water-resistant fiber that will repel any dye or paint that you try to apply to it. It will not be able to form the usual bond. If you want to color polypropylene, you have to add the dye or pigment to the liquid material before it ever becomes a fiber.

It might be worth trying a special plastics paint, such as Krylon Fusion for Plastics, which is noted for soaking into the surface of many plastics. Krylon claims that their Fusion spray will work even on polypropylene. How soft the fabric will be afterwards is another question.

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