Monica Monica
[font=Book Antiqua]So, I had my first attempt with IDye (actually any dye) and it was pretty successful. I dyed my pillow shams (one was stained) but not the comforter. The comforter is a sage green (grey-green) and the pillows are the IDye Olive Green. Looking at them together I think they may clash a bit. I'm wondering if I now dye the shams IDye Silver Grey over it, if that would help. I don't expect it to match perfectly. Any thoughts? I've heard of mixing colors at once, but not one color at a time.[/font]
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JennyR JennyR
Yes, you can over dye, but dyes are transparent and the results cannot be predicted. So, unfortunately, there is no know whether or not it will give you the desired look.

From the Operation's Managers perspective, he'd actually try to dirty it with a miniscule amount of orange. Again, you'd have to do some testing to see if it would work.

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