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Ok.. I've got a pair of stretch denim pants that are 97%cotton and 3%spandex. They used to be a brighter blue color. I then bleached them, and though they came out splotchy, it looked pretty cool. So then I immersed them in hot water (in my sink) with a mix of the idye for cotton brown and black (half of each to equal the amount of fabric). And now they're kinda of light grey/pink/brown. And while I think this kinda cool and I'll still wear them.. I'd still like them to be black. I know dying things black is kinda of rough and it may not be jet black and that's ok, I just want it to be as dark as possible and for the dye to stick. I've used RIT black dye before and it just seems to dye everything purple. What dye should I use, should I use salt or vinegar, what temp. does the water have to be, and will it turn purple?

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

The Idye is the easiest to use. Several factors may have contributed to the pale shade. The temperature of the water, water quality (use a water softner such as calgon) or not adding enough salt. Note the spandex will not take the dye.


If you want you could also try Procion MX dyes they work well on the stovetop.

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