Char Char
I'm relatively new to silk painting with dyes but am already preferring the water based resists to the solvent based gutta. I have tried "dying" the water based resist with silk dye but find in trying to get it dark enough it will dilute the water based resist and make it spread too much. Is it possible to use powdered dyes to color the resist and obtain a "dyed" resist line?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yes you can. You should really use the same type of dye you are painting with.

You can use procion dyes as powders. The black works especially well. You should try mixing the powder into a paste first with a little vinegar to keep the dye from forming granules in the resist.

The other thing to do is get some CVS(concentrated vinyl sulphons) or red label silk colors which are already more concentrated than the green label colors to add to your resist to get darker lines.
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