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Hi! I've spent weeks looking all over the internet, trying to find out how to dye/paint plastic shopping bags. I crochet them into purses and I also want to sew them and use them as wrapping "paper," but more colors would be great, especially if I decide to sell them. I did my research and plastic shopping bags are made of polyethylene, which I'm pretty sure is in spandex too. Fabric paint like Dye Na Flow is the only thing I've found that seems like it might work. Yes? No? Any suggestions?
Thanks! :)

Oh! And it would be great if they could still be pretty and transparentish afterward so, even though I can't technically dye them, it would be great if the paint could have a dye effect. :D
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pburch pburch
You should experiment with boiling your plastic bags in [URL=][U]disperse dye[/U][/URL], such as iDye Poly, to color them. Disperse dye works on polyester, which is polyethylene terephthalate, as well as on nylon, acetate, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers.

[URL=][U]Spandex[/U][/URL] is not polyethylene, it's polyurethane, and it's dyed with an entirely different class of dyes.

I would imagine that even Dye-na-flow would tend to rub off of plastic bags, but perhaps a Jacquard employee can correct me.

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mohamedkhaled mohamedkhaled
did you find a way to dye plastic bag !!?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
pburch, Spandex can be dyed with disperse dyes(IDye poly), but it can also be dyed with Acid Dyes.

Plastic bags with the idye poly should be fine, but I imagine the heat could be an issue. We also have Basic dyes. They will be available very soon, and you can use them at a much lower temp, which could be helpful here.

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