Dracul Dracul

My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I'm going to hopefully getting a velvet fabric chair soon, and I want to change the color scheme. The velvet is a pink, and would like a crimson or dark red, something vampiric.

I want to know:
-If it would be safe if I dye or paint the fabric while it is still on the frame. What sort of precautions or methods I need to keep in mind.

-What product should I use if I want the velvet to keep its shimmer, and how much should I need?

I have still have most of a 8oz thing of Lumiere 544 Crimson from a past project.

I want to avoid taking off the fabric, because at that point, I might as well just re-upholster the whole thing in a color I want.

Thank you!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I understand the question. I would really avoid the lumiere because i think it will ruin the texture of the velvet. Dye-na-flwo is another paint we have that is much lighter and sinks into the fabric. It is great at coloring velvet without removing the fabric.

If you want to add metallics I would add a little pearl ex to the dye na flow. It won't cover like the lumiere will, but it will add a bit of shimmer.

I suggest mixing cranberry and billiant red together for a nice effect.
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