ARSweet ARSweet
I am really stumped on this -
I ran some color test prints on an Epson Sure Color P8000 successfully.
Now when I try to run another print -- the printer says it's printing -- and just rolls off the length of the print - in this case 3" and cuts it off.

This has happened over and over. I have restarted all systems, remade the file, switched to a different printer (Epson 9890 which also did the same thing) I put a roll of paper back in the printer and it prints correctly.

Has anyone had this problem before?! Epson's help says it's a printer miscommunication, but when I put paper in the printer, it prints just fine.

I've wasted over 2 feet of my roll with the printer saying it's printing and then just cutting it off blank.

If anyone has insight into this odd specific problem I would greatly appreciate it!
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theengel theengel
Possibly something due to the "paper type"?

When you load the fabric, you probably choose a paper type on the printer. Then, when you're printing, you should choose a paper type in your computer. Both of these should match.

Sometimes, in order to fool it into working, you might have to choose "plain paper" on both the printer and the computer.

I don't know much about Epson printers... but I am a HP Designjet technician with over 20 years of experience. I just happen to be a tiedyer as well, and frequent this forum.

Let me know if that works.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Form our printer tech

Is he using our fabric and it’s not printing on the fabric?

I’ve never heard of this. He could try adjusting the platen gap, making it wider. Maybe the printer detects that the fabric is too close to the head and decides not to print…

He should also turn off auto cut then he won’t waste fabric.

Are all settings the same for fabric and paper?

Does he have a bulk ink system or stock cartidges?
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