ccknowlson ccknowlson
[font=Verdana]I've been using Green label dye. I’m having difficulty getting smooth coverage over large areas with the blue dye. I touch the brush in the last area painted so the dye flows out from the already painted section. But I’m getting what looks like light color brush marks. A silk painting instructor told me that this is the nature of the green label dye. Is this true? Is there something different I can try?[/font]
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kc2010 kc2010
I've had the same trouble with greens. Currently working on Olive, but it mottles or marbles or is splotchy. It seems the dark green collects only in certain areas. I've tried adjusting all apparent variables. I use synthraprol as I dye feathers... I've NEVER had this problem before. I've even changed feather types and water temps when bathing before dye bath immersion.

Any help would be appreciated.

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