susan meisel susan meisel
Is there an expiration date on Dye-na-flow dyes and clear water-based gutta? I've done a practice sample with dyes that are 4 years old and some 2 years old. They seem fine, but I'm wondering if this is recommended. (Also, is there any way of knowing how long bottles have been on store shelves?)

How does time affect the quality of gutta if it has been properly stored?

Thank you,
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JennyR JennyR
The shelf life of many of our products depends a lot on the conditions that they are kept in. Exposure to extreme temperatures, contaminants, etc. can degrade the life of paints, dyes and other products substantially. Dye-Na-Flow, if kept properly sealed in a cool, dark place should last for years. The clear waterbased resist, optimally, should be used within a year but could possibly last longer. There isn't an easy way to identify how old the products are in the store. We do label them with batch numbers, but that is our internal tracking system.

With any of these types of products, it is a good idea to test them if they've been left alone for some time.

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HJM29501 HJM29501
I opened up 4 different water-based resists tonight to work on a piece of silk. All of them were watery. I had received them months ago and they were still completely sealed including extra tape around the mouth of the container on the outside.

They are acting more like paint then resist to the point that they spread somewhat on contact with the silk no matter how fine the opening. The black that I tried the other day, took 3 or 4 days to dry and still feels somewhat tacky such that if the cloth were folded in on itself, I think it would stick a bit like the old glitter paints I once used on cotton as a kid.

As I saw your note about age, it would seem odd that they all went like this. If they had all been frozen during shipment at some point, is this the way the resists would act? They were fine when they arrived but I'm looking at my resist collection and thinking I should chuck all of them as something sure went wrong along the way. My suspicion is that they froze then thawed by the time I received them. Does it sound right?
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